SpreadsheetFund FAQ

How to install the Addon?
Open Gsheet Marketplace https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/spreadsheet-fund/pkjmaijhdpkmfogpmfaennidncpdgmbl from PC

Add-on will be enabled in the new created spreadsheet on your Google Drive.

Click on the toolbar: Add-ons > Spreadsheet•Fund > Setup > Initialize Fund to begin setup
How to perform initial setup?
To perform setup - you need to make three main actions: load templated sheets, fill all the balances, issue mutual units for shareholders

1. Open any empty Google Spreadsheet
2. Click on the toolbar: Add-ons > Spreadsheet•Fund > Setup > Initialize Fund
3. Go through "Help Wizard". For more information our docs
How I will get real-time market rates into my Spreadsheet?
The Add-on calls external API's with Google Apps Script to get market rates, processes this data and puts all coins and stocks rates on the special "tickers" sheet in your spreadsheet.

Add-on loads market rates from 3 different source for greater reliablity. All market rates are provided without delays.

During processing the Add-on do two things:
- substitute unusual asset symbols and names with conventional symbols and names
- calculate median prices if asset have listed on 2 or more data sources
Does Spreadsheet•Fund store API keys?
Spreadsheet•Fund Add-on does NOT store user's API keys! All data in your Google Spreadsheet remains private and secured

All API keys are stored in the Google's PropertiesService of the spreadsheet for which the addon is activated. Only users of the spreadsheet have access to API keys
How the Add-on records fund performance and portolio snapshots?
All records are made automatically by configured timer.
You don't need to keep your spreadsheet open.
You can switch off your PC and Add-on will work automatically in the Google cloud
How I can calculate the shares of my investors?
By using mutual unit (share, token, call it what you want) and making records on the "Issuance" tab.

When investor make deposit - fund issues new shares for him. When investor make withdrawal - fund burns his shares. When one investor transfer his shares to another - fund makes record about transfer. The price of share reflects the performance of your Fund. The price are unaffected by deposits and withdrawals.

Add-on automates all calculations like "how much shares to issue?" "how much shares to burn?" including Entry and Redeem fees. Add-on makes all records on the "Issuance" tab automatically. Then theses records are used for accounting of investor's shares
In what currencies are calculations and accounting made?
You are free to setup any fiat/cryto/stocks currencies for accounting and calculations of your Fund's performance.

For example: USD as a base currency, BTC as a second currency and RUB as a third currency
Can I add my own assets? For example some kind of Real Estate property?
Yes you can! Actually you are free to add any assets you want, but you need to update price of your asset manually. Add-on provides market rates only for cryptocurrency and stocks (yet).