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Investment Fund Management & Portfolio tracking automation in Google Spreadsheet:

  • Track portfolio for all available cryptocurrencies & stocks with a reliable market rates from multiple sources in real-time
  • Accounting for shares of investors by mutual unit
  • Automatization of Entrance/Redeem/Transfer Fund's shares with customizable fees
  • Recording of fund performance & portfolio snapshots
  • Proper "Performance Fee" accounting automation
  • Auto sync balances from wallets & exchanges
  • Telegram notifications
  • Portfolio rebalancing, reporting, assets valuation, and more...
Free-hosted, private & powerful

Back-Office of your Fund

Fully automated
All processes as automated as possible: portfolio tracking, entrance to the fund, redeem, transfer shares, fees taking, performance recording, etc.
Suitable for all investment assets
Add-on pulls prices & balances for cryptocurrencies, forex and stocks markets, but you are free to extend it for any other class of assets by manual entry
Flexibility and power of spreadsheets
Feel free to modify and extend our templates and build yours around them.
Private & control
No third party servers or databases except your Google account. Get full control over your data and maintain Investment Fund in your private Google Spreadsheet for free

Pull real-time market rates and portfolio balances into
Google Spreadsheet in an easy way

Balances from Bitcoin & Ethereum wallets with ERC20 , Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, HitBTC, KuCoin, Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex and more
Market rates convertible in any other crypto/fiat currency or stock. For greater reliability we calculate a median from 3 sources.
10 000+
Market rates for stocks with name mapping to avoid collisions with cryptocurrencies
How it works?
Add-on loads the set of templated sheets and UI into your Google Spreadsheet and provides Google Apps Scripts for obtaining real-time market rates, balances from crypto wallets and exchanges, sending Telegram notifications, etc.

All that provides a flexible and powerful automation system for Fund Administration, Fund Accounting, Portfolio Tracking and Investment Management, which is as automated as possible.

All data in your Google Spreadsheet remains private and secured. API keys which are used to sync balances - do not leave your spreadsheet and stored in the Google's PropertiesService. Add-on's source code was verified by Google and can be accessible by request here.
Customer reviews
More than 10 Public Funds use the Spreadsheet•Fund Add-on
for fund management, portfolio tracking and fund accounting automation. For example: Rubus.Fund and Cyber.Fund
How I will get real-time market rates into my Spreadsheet?
The Add-on calls external API's with Google Apps Script to get market rates, processes this data and puts all coins and stocks rates on the special "tickers" sheet in your spreadsheet.

Add-on loads market rates from 3 different source for greater reliablity. All market rates are provided without delays.
What about new listed coins and stocks?
All new coins and stocks will be added automatically. You don't have to worry about that.
How I will get my balances from exchanges and wallets into my Spreadsheet?
The Add-on can auto sync your balances from Bitcoin & Ethereum wallets with ERC20 , Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, HitBTC, KuCoin, Bittrex, Poloniex and Bitfinex exchanges.

You need is setup your API keys for particular exchange in the Settings and you are done. All API keys are stored in the Google's PropertiesService of the spreadsheet for which the addon is activated. Only users of the spreadsheet have access to API keys
Can I add my own assets? For example some kind of Real Estate property?
Yes you can! Actually you are free to add any assets you want, but you need to update price of your asset manually. Add-on provides market rates only for cryptocurrency and stocks (yet).
In what currencies are calculations and accounting made?
You are free to setup any fiat/cryto/stocks currencies for accounting and calculations of your Fund's performance.

For example: USD as a base currency, BTC as a second currency and RUB as a third currency
How I can calculate the shares of my investors?
By using mutual unit (share, token, call it what you want) and making records on the "Issuance" tab.

When investor make deposit - fund issues new shares for him. When investor make withdrawal - fund burns his shares. When one investor transfer his shares to another - fund makes record about transfer. The price of share reflects the performance of your Fund. The price are unaffected by deposits and withdrawals.

Add-on automates all calculations like "how much shares to issue?" "how much shares to burn?" including Entry and Redeem fees. Add-on makes all records on the "Issuance" tab automatically. Then theses records are used for accounting of investor's shares
How the Add-on records the performance and sends Telegram notifications?
100% automatically by using Timers in Google Spreadsheet.

You are free to choose the time for making records and getting notifications. Add-on will continue to work after you have closed your spreadsheet.

For Telegram you need to setup API keys of your bot - it's easy

Where can I ask a question and get technical support?
Feel free to contact the developer at the address
or Telegram: @acosmos about any questions.

I will provide any support if needed.

How to setup the Spreadsheet Fund?

Watch the 5 min video tutorial
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